Astyr Wealth: Gift Yourself With Self Care

When shopping for the holiday season, it’s easy to get wrapped up in deciding the perfect gift for your loved ones.  One person on your gift list you may be forgetting about is yourself.

Even if you find it difficult to take time for yourself, find a way to make the time. Many self-care products can make it easy to destress and unwind. Let’s take a look at why self-care is so important, and what products you can gift yourself with this holiday season.


The Benefits of Self-Care

Anyone who regularly has a booked calendar may think it is a waste of time to schedule themself time to take care of themselves. This couldn’t be farther from the truth, though.

Contrary to popular belief, self-care goes beyond managing your physical and mental health. Financial health, environmental health, and even social health are also huge factors that will determine your overall wellness.

Managing all of these factors that generally impact your life can greatly reduce your burnout and anxiety, as well as giving you a clear head.


Gifts You Can Treat Yourself With

Our goal with this post is to cover a variety of different needs, and hopefully inspire you to come up with an idea for yourself to make up for something you’re lacking in your life.


Idea 1: A Financial Plan That Fits Your Lifestyle

You might not expect financial planning to be a form of self-care, but knowing your finances are secure can do wonders for your mental health. Working with a financial team who wants to work with learning about your needs and goals is even better. Obviously, everyone has different financial needs so one financial plan won’t work for someone else.

Idea 2:  The Five Minute Journal

Journaling is becoming popular in recent years, as it is a good way to reflect on your day or any issues that are bothering you. The best part of journaling is that there is no “correct” way to do it. However, that can make journaling intimidating to many.

Fortunately, The Five Minute Journal provides prompts to get your writing flow started. It doesn’t have dates, so you can pick it up whenever you need to without feeling guilty for abandoning it for so long.


Idea 3: Motivational Water Bottle

Now this may seem silly to some people, but hear us out. When you are busy and wrapped up in your schedule, it’s quite easy to forget to hydrate. A motivational water bottle is a great way to remind yourself to keep drinking.

Some types of water bottles have time labels on them, so you can ensure that you are drinking the recommended amount of water throughout the day.

Idea 4: Pedicure Foot Spa

Nothing beats getting a pedicure at an actual salon, but sometimes it’s not always realistic for our budget or our calendars. The perfect solution is buying a foot spa device that allows you to do it at home.

This is great if you’re someone who is always on your feet. Being active and busy really gives our feet a beating, so treat yourself to spa-like experience.


Final Thoughts

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the holiday season gift buying, but make sure you are taking care of yourself.